Tuesday, December 18, 2012

34th years old

I was born exactly on this date 34 years ago.
Since then, I journey every single path ways of my life,
nobody want their lives in hurdle, but life has always demand us to live in them,
to learn the hard way as not everybody born with those golden luckiness,
even God created the world in 7 days with deep thinking and wise judgement.

When I was much younger, I always feel small amongst my friends
As I don't used to have what they had
I thought those would bring me smile and laughter
But I am wrong... as the time gone by...
I learned by carrying a heart full of love
I will see the world in different angle
those pains are actually the best remedy,
those hurdles are actually the best education,
... and with all that, I awarded myself with utmost satisfaction!

I am thrilled to live another year, the new chapter of my life...
May my way always be in His loving path, may His grace and have mercy on me,
and also to the people that I love, I care...
My prayer for the faith in me to be strengthen again and again...
My prayer for my loved ones, especially for you my parents, family, husband and beautiful daughter,
My prayer for the hurts in me, so that they could flips a new chapter into my life,
My prayers for the beautiful friendship amongst the good ones, I truly appreciate it!
My prayer for my past, for making a new me today.

Happy 34th birthday blast.... well to me!

 my tiny clan on my very day...

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