Wednesday, December 4, 2013

princess gumuk

 Adehhh... janganlah terkejut bah... but teruja boleh

 I attended our so called FIRST annual dinner ever... after for so many years, the divisions have been doing it on yearly basis but not us in GHO... I wasn't clear on the theme (or I purposely ignored it haha)... but it was fun and we had fun partied all night long...
 I was wearing this costume from 1910s... I feel so English here but the gravity keeps on pulling me down to the earth haha... #silasedardiri

 My boss has asked me to go home in that costume and show it to my little princess, who has been dreaming to be the princess...
... she was shocked. She liked my colleague dari mak sendiri, she said my colleague looked like the real princess whilst mommy is.... also a princess... but princess GUMUK!
or do I look like a stepmother here?

 Mommy in her princess-y mood while the daughter in her Christmas mood.

Anak dan mak lebih kurang sama perasannya!
Hahaha... we had fun, the both of us!

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