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Hello, my name is Velarie Nozie with a lot of nicknames, people would usually address me as Vel, Nozie, Maya, and well known as Ajie among the closest  ones. Even my husband would called me Ajie if not Sayang :P

I am married with two kids. My two beautiful daughters are the ultimate reason of my life, I would do anything for them. I learnt my motherhood lessons everyday because of them.

I have a huge passion in reading and writing, I write a lot when I was much younger. Public transport (KTM commuter) has been my main ride to work everyday and reading is the most appropriate activity while in the train :) I like to cook and I love to watch Jamie Oliver and Anna Olson on AFC channel. I wish I could be like them someday haha, to be featured on TV with my own weird but must try recipes.

I talk a lot but now I am trying to subside it little by little haha, as I grow older (and wiser), I wish I could turn my talking habit to something useful lol.

I like to sell things to earn money :P You never know when I will be the successful entrepreneur one fine day, until then, please share to me the recipe of being success. As for now, I am at the beginner level of making Lihing ( Our famous rice wine in Sabah - Borneo), in 30 years time, no ones would bother about making Lihing, so I will continue this legacy so that I can still earn my living when I am 60++ years old.

My special brewed homemade Lihing, and it tastes really good. It's highly recommended for confinement mommies, it contains alcohol as it was kept for fermentation for months, just mix this Lihing into the chicken soup and wallaaa.....

As for now, I am still an employee to the biggest conglomerate in Malaysia. 8.30am - 5.30pm job, Mon-Fri... sighh hahaha but no worries, I still can survive and breath peacefully.

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